Darwin Weyh

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Phone : 586-806-9394

With over 30 years experience, I have been creating software for computers ranging from the Mainframe to the Mini (DEC PDP/VAX and Data General Nova/Eclipse) to the Micro (Windows, Macintosh and Z80 embedded systems). I have worked with large development teams as well as being the sole IT staff member. I have taken over existing software projects - implementing bug fixes, adding new features and moving to new platforms as well as implemented new projects - collecting user specifications, compiling development specifications for user approval and developing solutions. I am expert in taking user needs and implementing software solutions, be it a simple off the shelf solution or a custom software application.


Programming :

  • Visual Basic - 15 yrs.

  • SQL - 15 yrs.

  • C++ - 15 yrs.

  • Linux/ UNIX Shell - 25 yrs.

  • HTML - 5 yrs.

  • PHP - 6 mos.

  • CSS - 6 mos.

  • XML - 6 mos.

  • JavaScript - 6 mos.

  • Ruby On Rails - 3 mos.

  • C - 25 yrs.

Operating Systems :

  • Windows - 24 yrs.

  • MS-DOS - 28 yrs.

  • LINUX/UNIX - 30 yrs.


  • MS SQL - 5 yrs.

  • MySQL - 10 yrs.

  • MS Access - 15 yrs.

  • FoxPro - 15 yrs.

  • ODBC - 12 yrs.

  • DB2 - 2 yrs.

  • ACCENT-R - 1yr.


- Self Employed, Eastpointe, MI (2003 to present)

Skills used: MS SQL, Visual Basic, Visual C++, HTML, Ruby On Rails, FoxPro

Designed and implemented Visual Basic based application for order entry, work in progress tracking, quality control and billing. It included a touch screen shop interface and photo capture with specification drawing and order documentation management and custom invoicing. This application was implemented connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server Database. Completed a prototype website to allow customers to check order status, previous order specifications and billing information using Ruby on Rails. The Website was hosted on an Ubuntu Server 7.10 using Mongrel and interfaced with a Microsoft SQL Server and serving pictures from a Mircrosoft Server 2003.

Continued development work for Point of Sale system including implementing a Touchscreen interface, multiscreen display and interfaces with online Payment gateways.

- RSM Systems, Clinton Twp, MI (1998 to 2003)

Skills used: C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, SQL, Linux

The Software Development Manager my duties included developing Point of Sale systems and OEM System Dealers. Developed and maintained embedded Z80 POS System for Proprietary POS board using C/C++. I ported existing embedded Z80 based system to a Windows Based POS System using an Access database, network communications and OPOS hardware interface tools. The development platform was Microsoft Visual C++. This port included development of the user interface, design and implementation of a database, addition of Credit Card transaction handling and other enhancements to the original system. I also developed miscellaneous maintenance tools using Visual Basic. I implemented and maintained company network servers, which included a Novell Netware Server, and a Linux Server using Redhat 7.2 acting as a SMB Windows File Server, Internal Web Server, printer services, DHCP server and firewall. I also provided technical expertise in developing OEM touch screen systems for vertical market clients.

- CPM Corp., Madison, WI (1996 to 1997)

Skills used: Visual Basic, UNIX, C++, SQL, DB2

A Software Engineer doing Client/Server applications for a Data Warehouse/Marketing company. The Client development was done with Visual Basic 5.0 on Microsoft Windows NT Pentium workstations with ODBC and RDO for database connectivity. The Server development was done using C++ on an AIX 4.2 RS6000. The system was used to analyze and present data from very large database warehoused financial and medical data for use by marketing to do target marketing and marketing campaign management. I participated in the product specification, database modeling, client interface design, coding, testing, documenting, creation of delivery media and user support.

- CAP Gemini, Madison, WI (1993 to 1996)

Skills used: FoxPro, OS/2, SQL

A Senior Technical Project Leader developing the Airport Information System (AIMS) for the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics to run under the IBM OS/2 Operating system using FoxPro for Windows 2.6. I was involved in the needs analysis, specifications and selection of software vendor. I supervised the software design and development. Upon receiving the product from the software vendor, I made changes to remove bugs and implement new user specifications. I also was the Technical Advisor for the Bureau Bulletin Board System, as well as offered user support for general computing problems.

- Other experience (1976-1993)

Skills used: C, UNIX, Shell, Visual C++, Paradox/DBase, Assembly Language

Applications programmer for Research and Development of a new laboratory data management system. I programmed in Meditech MIIS, MDC SUPER MUMPS and microNOVA Assembly language - worked with Data General Assembly language under RDOS.

Systems Architect-Senior Software Engineer performing software development and system management for the Software Tools Facility and the Data Analysis Facility at the Naval Weapons Center, Dept. of Defense, U. S. Navy, at China Lake, CA.

Computer Programmer/Consultant with an aerospace company developing test software for testing code written for the TI9989 microprocessor, designing Overlay Linker for use with the memory management system for the TI9989.

Software Programmer/Consultant for the Department of Water and Power, City of Los Angeles, CA providing on-going expertise for user software in the C language on Intergraph MicroStation.

Senior Software Engineer in a Microsoft Windows 3.1 environment using the Paradox Engine and NetWare Lite along with Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0, MFC 2.0 and Windows 3.1 SDK. Designed and program for a company that sells turn key access control systems using electronic Mag-Stripe card technology.